Dealership Overview

The most beneficial of all Supertest offerings. The partnership between Supertest and a dealership provides everyone with clear transparency what the state of a vehicle is at time of sale. Supertest helps dealers sell more cars at a better price, with less risk and with an improved customer perception of quality with far less after sales comebacks.

Mention Supertest and the first thought is a standard roadworthy test. Supertest is not a roadworthy centre, Supertest is much more than that and can offer far more. Supertest acts as an independent service provider free of any particular industry or stakeholder bias with services and products that extend across the entire value chain of a motor vehicle with key dealer products such as Certificate of Roadworthy, Platinum Inspection reports and Technical Inspection.

Supertest is an accredited installer of SABS approved microdots. Internationally Supertest has a history of successful partnerships at OEM, Wholesale and Retail levels and is recognised for the quality and integrity of the product and services delivered to dealers. Supertest is the dealer's technical services partner of choice.

Through products such as the Platinum Inspection solution, Supertest is the only service provider that can assist Motor dealers mitigate their legal liability and responsibilities related to the Consumer Protection Act.

The independence of the Supertest report is the single most significant factor for the buyer when it comes to choosing between dealers and vehicles, especially in the used car environment. Supertest's ‘Collect and Return' service, quick turn-around time, single account and statement facilities and service ethic are designed to provide a one stop solution for the dealer.

Supertest is the leading provider of Used Car Management software designed to assist the process control and effective management of the used car stock and retails sales process.

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