Policy Statement:

The main quality objective of this Section is to assure both the National Road Traffic Act authority and our Customers,
that we posses an above adequate level of competency,
impartiality and integrity for the testing of vehicle fitness,
for use on Public roads.

To assure a fair and consistent vehicle evaluation,
the affected Station personnel will at all times limit their inspection activities to those covered by the relevant provisions of the code of Practice SANS 10047 – “Testing of motor vehicles for roadworthiness” and National traffic act and Regulations as amended.

All personnel at the station will ensure that good public relations are maintained with both the relevant Authorities and Customers,
and that information relating to any vehicles roadworthy inspection or test,
will at all times be confidentially handled and maintained in order to protect any proprietary rights.

Good housekeeping and professionalism are essential for maintaining both quality and safety awareness in any organisation,
therefore all Station personnel will ensure that the necessary actions are implemented and maintained in order to keep our premises a clean,
healthy and safe place of work.

The Manual which is bases on the requirements of the National Standards of Practice SANS 10216 “Vehicle Test Station Evaluation” has therefore been compiled as a working program for quality assurance,
which describes the policies, responsibilities, and systems developed and established by the Station.

It lays down the requirements for a controlled quality system,
and is thus a means of ensuring that our vehicle testing and inspection services do conform to the relevant Authority requirements.
Affected Station personnel are therefore hereby committed to work in accordance with the Station's documented quality system.

The management involved with the station hereby undertakes to ensure that the policy is strictly enforced and adhered to by all personnel members and is committed to work in accordance with all prescribed legislation.

In order to ensure that continued maintenance,
and any required improvement to this quality system,
procedures have been laid down for the periodic review of organisational matters and all quality system documentation.

Further to our own audits and reviews,
the Station will always welcome constructive criticism and guidance from the appointed Inspectorate Evaluator,
who is hereby authorised access to all the applicable area,
procedures, personnel and documents associated with this quality system.

We also compile and introduce a quality assurance system based on the ISO standards which covers all required policies and procedures of the prescribed legislation.

Our Pledge To All Our Customers:

To be courteous and helpful at all times and treat every customer with respect.

To expertly evaluate each customer's needs and to honestly and as accurately as possible estimate the costs of the work to be undertaken.

To treat all vehicles entrusted to us with the utmost care and to meet, wherever humanly possible, the delivery undertakings made.

To timorously advise customers when, due to unforeseen circumstances, a delivery undertaking be impossible to meet, and to give a revised undertaking.

To provide a detailed statement of work done and to explain each chare made, should the customer so desire.

To en sure that the customer's vehicle/s are strictly tested and/or inspected, in accordance to the requirements of SABS